How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account in Nigeria. plus How to Fund Paypal and Withdraw from Paypal!

  • Tuesday, August 31, 2010
  • Do you know that without a Verified Paypal Account, you are very far from your online prowess; reason being that Paypal Account is the most widely accepted Payment option in the internet. Too bad to hear that as a Nigerian, you are not entitled to own a Paypal Account. this due to the fact that Nigeria has been banned long ago from opening and verifying paypal accounts due to some alleged fraud related crimes.
    For the fact that we Nigerians must continue to further into the world of Internet Marketing; it is a pleasure to announce that you can now succesfully own a Verified Paypal Account (though without making use of Nigerian address but using a Legal USA Virtual Address). This automatically gurantees you the certificate to shop anywhere in the world or receive payments from any company online.
    I know there will also be a problem of Valid USA Address and Phone Number, but you don’t have to worry, because the solution is at your finger tips.
    My esteemed Nigerians, this is the far i can go. To avert the problems of Paypal like placing your account under limitation and some other security and anti-spam measures, you have to take some precautions (to avoid your account from getting banned).
    My dear reader, i know that you might still encounter some other problems while opening and verifying your Paypal Accounts; that is why i have bent down to get all the details to opening a paypal account with ease. Thay have all been compiled in a wonderful Ebook detailed with Paypal Pages snapshots just waiting for you to lay your hands on it. With this Ebook, you can Open and Verify both Paypal Account and Clickbank Account within 2 hours. This Ebook is going to cost you N2,500.
    You will also gain the following extra giveaway packages:
    - an Ebook on how to opwn and manage a USA bank account.
    - an Ebook on how open and manage a UK bank account.
    - an Ebook on how to fund your paypal account and the easiest ways to withdraw money from your paypal
    All these are what you will running away with!!!
    so friends, if you are interested in getting this wonderful Paypal package and the attached bonuses, then call me on 08064515218.

    Best Regards,
    The Master


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