Open And Verify Paypal And Clickbank Account s Plus Get An Affiliate Site For Free

  • Tuesday, October 5, 2010
  • Guys, here is a big news that I will love to share with you guys.
    When I was browsing the internet yesterday, I came across a blog post by Precious Ngwu and after reading the post, I loved his new system and I went ahead to try it and right now, he has forwarded me the details of my verified paypal and clickbank accounts plus that he has also collected my details to help me setup my very first affiliate site based on clickbank which he promised will be making me at least $150 per day, I'm so proud of the guy and I can tell you that he is among one of the Nigerians that can truly help you online.

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    Well, most of you already know Precious while most of you might just know him by reputation but for me, I think he is the only credible Nigerian affiliate marketer which I truly respect because unlike other marketers, Precious doesn't come out of the blue each week and ask you to buy products from him and even the Pay-Click Blitz Official Site, he said that those marketers who keep sending you emails each time asking you to buy products from them are just ripping you off because they are not making any money from their system, if you visit the Pay-Click Blitz Official Site, you will see real life proofs of Precious accounts that will show you that he makes a lot of cash of autopilot.

    One other sweet thing about his new free package is that he promised that for the next 5 people to try out the Pay-Click Blitz System that he will single handedly build an affiliate site based on high search volume low competition organic keywords for each of them, and that after building this site, it will run on a  complete 100% autopilot and generate huge autopilot commissions all for FREE!

    I guess you know that this is your only chance to get such a great offer free when one of the biggest Nigerian affiliate marketers who is actually generating huge autopilot commission from clickbank and his cpa sites will open and verify a paypal account for plus create and build an autopilot affiliate site that will generate over $150 per day for you all For FREE! All you have to do is just go to that Pay-Click Blitz Official Site and follow the simple instructions and take action immediately, if I were you, I would have completed my instructions in the last 24 hours because from what he said, he can only beta test that service to only 43 Nigerians and after that he will stop so rush and take action now.

    The Master
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  • Tuesday, August 31, 2010
    I just got this software from one of my Indian hackers and i decided to bring it to all your notice. As our network providers keep locking their modems to prevent you from using another network with the modem, all you need to do is get the unlock code for you MODEM and you can use any network you prefer with it. Take for instance, an MTN fastlink MODEM which is configured to work only with MTN network, but if unlocked can be used as a modem for any network.
    To unlock your modem now, all you need to do is contact me on 08064515218 with your IMEI number of the MODEM and you will get the unlock code right away all you can also get the software to unlock other types of Modems like ZTE, NEC, MOTOROLA, SAGEM and NOKIA. the software is ver easy to use, simply put your IMEI number of the device and click calculate and the unlock code and flash code will come up within 3 seconds.
    To unlock your MODEM new, contact me on

    How to Open and Verify a Paypal Account in Nigeria. plus How to Fund Paypal and Withdraw from Paypal!

  • Do you know that without a Verified Paypal Account, you are very far from your online prowess; reason being that Paypal Account is the most widely accepted Payment option in the internet. Too bad to hear that as a Nigerian, you are not entitled to own a Paypal Account. this due to the fact that Nigeria has been banned long ago from opening and verifying paypal accounts due to some alleged fraud related crimes.
    For the fact that we Nigerians must continue to further into the world of Internet Marketing; it is a pleasure to announce that you can now succesfully own a Verified Paypal Account (though without making use of Nigerian address but using a Legal USA Virtual Address). This automatically gurantees you the certificate to shop anywhere in the world or receive payments from any company online.
    I know there will also be a problem of Valid USA Address and Phone Number, but you don’t have to worry, because the solution is at your finger tips.
    My esteemed Nigerians, this is the far i can go. To avert the problems of Paypal like placing your account under limitation and some other security and anti-spam measures, you have to take some precautions (to avoid your account from getting banned).
    My dear reader, i know that you might still encounter some other problems while opening and verifying your Paypal Accounts; that is why i have bent down to get all the details to opening a paypal account with ease. Thay have all been compiled in a wonderful Ebook detailed with Paypal Pages snapshots just waiting for you to lay your hands on it. With this Ebook, you can Open and Verify both Paypal Account and Clickbank Account within 2 hours. This Ebook is going to cost you N2,500.
    You will also gain the following extra giveaway packages:
    - an Ebook on how to opwn and manage a USA bank account.
    - an Ebook on how open and manage a UK bank account.
    - an Ebook on how to fund your paypal account and the easiest ways to withdraw money from your paypal
    All these are what you will running away with!!!
    so friends, if you are interested in getting this wonderful Paypal package and the attached bonuses, then call me on 08064515218.

    Best Regards,
    The Master

    Get these New International Simcards that can be used to Browse the Internet Free of Charge 24/7 ( 5 Months Guarantee)

  • It’s unfortunate that for the last few months, free internet browsing access in Nigeria has been sucking especially with our favorite MTN network. since then, some free internet browsing cheat codes on mobile phone only work few hours from the time of discovery and its blocked. The same also keep happening on computer free internet browsing whereby some of our popular free internet browsing software(s) like Your-Freedom, Jap Jondo, Tor, etc have only worked for few days and finally blocked leaving everybody who wants to browse the internet free of charge on his computer disappointed.
    But then, this a Great News for you Guys: They New Simcards imported from South Africa which can be used to browse the Internet free of charge here in Nigeria on both mobile phones and on computer! These Simcards are from the Network operator in South Africa called Telkom, but the simcards have been reprogrammed by a Group of Experts in SA, and a result of, making the simcards to browse the internet free of charge here in Nigeria.
    To be honest, none of the free internet browsing connections in Nigeria now can be compared with the free internet connection gotten from the Telkom simcards. Like i said earlier, the simcards were imported from South Africa. The network experts in South Africa reprogrammed them to use MTN Nigeria in order to access the Data services anywhere in Nigeria Absolutely free of charge.
    These simcards are used to browse the internet free of charge on both computer and on phones. The sweetest part of it is that it doesn’t need any configuration setting or any additional software to work with. All you need to do is to insert the simcard into your phone which you are using to browse or if you are using a MODEM, you will then replace the simcard inside the MODEM with the New Telkom Simcard that you will get from me. The next step is to establish a dial up connection to your computer system either with your phone or with a modem. When that is done, you have just succeeded in opening the free internet browsing doorway. All your browsers will be set to either Direct Connetion to the Internet or Autamatic Proxy Detection. The same thing applies to Yahoo Messenger and every other thing that needs Internet Connection on your System. (I repeat again, it does not need any free internet browsing software for it to work. it works just like a paid Internet connection, the only difference is that the simcard will offer you a faster and reliable free internet access without you paying any money to the Internet Service providers).
    The internet speed is tremendous. when using this simcard, you will be getting an internet/download speed of about 1MBS. This grants you uninterrupted 24 hours very fast free internet browsing connection. This sim can also be used to make calls when recharged with MTN Nig Credit; but it does not receive calls! With its speed and reliability, you can comfortably use it and watch TV channels free of charge on your computer (visit for more information on how to watch DSTV channels free of charge on computer systems and on mobile phones).
    Also, the same thing applies when you want to use it and browse the internet free on your mobile phone. No cheat code is required. You will use the Default configuration settings and trust me, you are gonna witness an internet speed you have never experienced before in Nigeria. It’s even an added advantage to the people who stay in places that have 3G data access. That means more speed and more enjoyment. Just in case you forgot, browsing with this Simcard is Absolutely Free of Charge.
    In case you are interested in getting any of these Simcards, it will sent to you through either a courier service like DHL, UPS, EMLS, etc; post services/Nig Speed-Posts or any transport service of your choice like ABC transport, Peace mass transit/express courier, Ifesinachi transport, etc. But before this Parcel will be sent to you, you will have to pay for it; the cost is N5,000 if you are buying one simcard or N4,000 if you are buying more than one. The parcel will contain the simcard(s) purchased and a small manual just to help you in case you don’t know to establish a dial up connection between Phone/modem and your computer.
    The payment will be made through the bank.
    So, if you want to pay for the simcards, just call me on 08064515218. Also, in case you want to see me in person to make some confirmations, just give me a call so that we make arrangements on how we are going to meet with each other.
    This International Sim card for free internet browsing on MTN is covered with 5 months guarantee. That means that nothing is going to happen to it, atleast for 5 months, or even if anything happens to it, i will replace the service for you or refund you your money.
    This does not mean that the Sim card will stop working after 5 months, no, it will continue working.
    Also, am working on another Sim from Rep of Benin, which will be ready before the next two months. when these sim cards are ready, they will sent to all those that purchased this Telkom Sim card free of charge. this will serve as an update. I will not charge for it!
    Don’t let this wonderful offer slip through your fingers; contact me now on 08064515218 and get your own Telkom Sim card.

    Best Regards,

    The Master

    The Real ORIGINAL FREE DSTV Software That Works On Computer & Laptops "FREE DSTV"

  • Monday, January 18, 2010
  • Paying DSTV Really Does Suck Hard…. Imagine paying them over N9,000 every month Just to gain access to their TV channels.

    What of if I tell you that it’s time to….

    Bid DSTV & Their Sucking Monthly FEES GOODBYE.

    Introducing The Ground Breaking Codec Software That

    Gives Instant FREE Access To All The DSTV Channels LIVE From

    Your Computer.

    Stop Buying Those FAKE DSTV software that does not work.

    It’s time to get your hands on the real stuff.

    From The Master (The Code Breaking King)


    How many times have you thought of the possibility of watching all you DSTV channels like, African magic, super sports, channel O, CNN and lots more on your computer free of charge without any subscription fee whatsoever. I know some of you must have heard about it but have never had the opportunity to see how it works and possibly enjoy it in their laptops. Anyway, I am here to explain how it works and also how you are going to set it up in your computer for your fun.

    Firstly, before you begin to enjoy this offer, the first thing that must be accomplished is making sure that you have an internet connection on you computer. Now there is a latest version of the free DSTV software that is now loaded with up to 72 channels (the older version had 63 channels) for your leisure. All you have to do is to install the free DSTV setup, launch your internet access then you open the free DSTV software. Watching your favorite channel is as simple as selecting the channel and the window opens which you can conveniently turn full screen.

    How Does This Software Work?

    Ok, how many people that have been telling you about dstv software will ever tell you how it works or even show you a picture of the stuff on their laptop? Do you want to know why they won’t show it to you because they don’t have it and they don’t even know how it really does work.

    Ok, that’s by the way. Let me just tell you how this software works.

    This software developed in December 21, 2009 was made to be using the Debug service of this DSTV codec system through x and r variables but in which that the y command works with your internet crontab so that everytime it connects, it will automatically request for your DSTV smart card number & recharge pin number and when you fail to give you a correct information, this software won’t allow you access into the DSTV panel and then you can’t be able to watch DSTV channels using this software.

    But, we the Nigerian kings of hackers group have seen this and as far as we are concerned, we decided to do something amazing and finally, we have cracked down this system and turned it against their own crontab to * * * * * instead of the normal 0 * * * 1 that it supposed to be. Now, with this done… you can now install this software in your computer, launch your internet (slow or fast) then login to the DSTV premium access panel where you can now access all the dstv channels both paid and free without paying a dime since the x and r variables have been replaced with 1/r & v/x variables and the crontab is shattered.

    It’s time to have your FREE world.

    Now, I must inform you that since we know that some internet connections in Nigeria are slow while some are fast and fortunately this software have been created to load advanced mode when the internet speed is high from at least 170.2kbs and above while when the internet speed is low like from 15.34 kbs – 169.99 kbs then it will load the classic mode.

    If you need this original DSTV software then call me on 08133420950 or email me on

    Advanced Mode:

    Can you see the picture of the dstv software if it’s running in advanced mode and remember that I told you that this software runs in advanced mode and loads in this form. You can see from above over 9 channel categories navigation tabs and also the DSTV remote buttons that gives you access to the full customization and admin settings.

    Classic Mode:

    Yea, that’s is it again. You can see the dstv software now in the classic mode and I think that pictures speaks more than works so I believe that you have seen proofs with your eyes.

    Qualities Of This Incredible Mind Breaking Software.

    - Ability to automatically switch mode when fast or slow internet is detected.

    - Has an up to date java run time environment.

    - Cron & Python certified

    - Runs with very slow internet.

    - Posses high power streaming rate.

    - Comes with v3.0 of the infusion-soft cyclic

    - You don’t need to pay monthly fees or installation fees

    - Very mobile & flexible to use.

    - You can install one software in thousands of computers so no restrictions

    Summarily, the prerequisites for you to start watching all your DSTV channels free on your PC is just your internet connection( whether free or paid) and the free DSTV setup. The software will be sent to your email as attachment, which you will download and install with the configuration that will be provided together with the software.

    I will enjoin all Nigerians to come and get this latest package because this offer will terminate on 31st of January after which I am going to increase the price to #5000; but for now the price is #3000.


    The Master